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Slack Certified Admin Exam Guide


Welcome to the journey of becoming a Slack Certified Admin – we’re thrilled to have you on board!

This certification exam is your opportunity to demonstrate the expertise and skills you’ve developed in managing Slack for your team. It’s a chance to ensure your team enjoys a seamless, productive experience on Slack. We advise you to thoroughly go through all the information provided here, so you’re fully prepared and confident when it’s time to take the exam.

Achieving certification is more than just a milestone. It’s a way for you to showcase your mastery of Slack’s features and your ability to harness them to create an environment that is not only easier and more enjoyable but also boosts productivity for your team.


To earn the title of a Slack Certified Admin, you need to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and skillset in deploying, configuring, and managing Slack effectively. You should be adept at advising on the best practices, policies, settings, and features for various use cases across all Slack’s paid plans, including Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid. Ideally, you should have between six to twelve months of hands-on experience as a Slack administrator, along with practical knowledge of navigating and utilizing the admin console.

This certification is crafted to both enhance the abilities of Slack admins and validate their expertise. Before taking on this challenge, we suggest you have a solid grasp of several key areas:

  • Admin roles
  • Slack architecture
  • User provisioning
  • Settings and policies
  • Channel structure
  • App approval processes
  • Data security
  • Process design
  • How to drive adoption for your team

About the exam

Our online proctored certification exam is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your skills and knowledge as a Slack admin.

Exam Format

  • Type: The exam consists of up to 60 multiple choice or multiple-select questions.
  • Completion Criteria: The exam concludes as soon as you achieve either a passing or failing score, which might mean you won’t need to answer all 60 questions.

Time Allotment

  • Duration: You have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Completion Note: The exam will automatically end once you’ve reached a passing or failing score, based on your answers.

Scoring and Results

  • Passing Score: You need to score at least 64% to pass.
  • Results Determination: Your pass/fail status is only decided after you’ve answered enough questions correctly or incorrectly.

Registration and Retake Policy

  • Fee: The exam registration fee is USD $150.
  • Retake Policy: If necessary, you get one additional attempt at no extra cost. However, partners using an exam voucher aren’t eligible for free or discounted retakes. Please refer to our detailed exam retake policy for further information.

Additional Details

  • Delivery Method: The exam is conducted online with a proctor.
  • Expiration: You must take the exam within six months from the date of purchase.
  • Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites, but we recommend taking the Slack Certified Admin Prep Course to best prepare.
  • Language: The exam is available in English.

Exam outline

We highly recommend that you review the section weightings and exam topics to focus your studying and increase your odds of success.  

+ Fundamentals (9%)

  • Summarize the key privileges and responsibilities of each Slack user role.
  • Identify the unique features of each Slack paid plan.
  • Identify the common responsibilities of Slack admin and owner roles.
  • Identify workspace and org-level settings and dashboards.

+ Workspace administration (9%)

  • Determine when to create a workspace to meet the needs of an organization.
  • Manage the workspace creation and approval process.
  • Choose a workspace visibility setting that meets the needs of members and/or an organization.
  • Prepare an Enterprise Grid design that meets the needs of the members and organization.
  • Recommend how to consolidate workspaces.

+ Channel and user group administration (28%)

  • Set up and administer Slack channels.
  • Recommend when to use a channel, a direct message (DM) or a group direct message.
  • Recommend when to use a public or private channel.
  • Recommend when to use multi-workspace channels.
  • Administer channel posting permissions.
  • Given a business case, recommend when to share a channel with an outside organization.
  • Demonstrate how to manage connections, channels and direct messages (DMs) with outside organizations.
  • Establish channel-naming guidelines and set recommended prefixes to meet the needs of an organization.
  • Administer policies to manage the status or state of channels (for example: delete, archive, convert).
  • Recognize when to use and how to set up Slack user groups.

+ User lifecycle management (14%)

  • Implement the best authentication option based on the Slack plan and an organization’s requirements.
  • Recommend a process for new account creation for different use cases.
  • Recommend when to use SCIM (system for cross-domain identity management) versus JIT (just-in-time) to provision users.
  • Recommend a process for getting new users into the right workspace(s) and channels.
  • Demonstrate the two ways full member accounts can be deactivated (manual deactivation versus SCIM deprovisioning).
  • Create a guest user request and approval process.

+ App administration (10%)

  • Summarize the value of interoperability for decision makers and end users.
  • Use Workflow Builder to automate routine tasks and manual business processes.
  • Understand the App installation process.
  • Set up and manage an app-approval process.

+ Security (15%)

  • Identify Slack product security features and settings to meet an organization’s security needs.
  • Describe how Slack prioritizes security governance, risk management and compliance and identify examples of each.
  • Describe product features that manage access and mobile devices to meet specific business needs.
  • Recommend product features that protect and manage sensitive data to meet specific business needs.
  • Recommend product features that govern information to meet specific business needs.
  • Recommend when to audit user activity in Slack.

Enabling Slack success (15%)

  • Develop a vision and identify goals for Slack at an organization.
  • Use the analytics dashboard to track Slack usage.
  • Make recommendations based on analytics data (for example: channel archival, work with Slack Champions, publish a Slack etiquette guide).
  • Build a Slack team to maintain a workspace or org based on best practices.
  • Enable admins to promote Slack as the Digital HQ for their organization.
  • Promote ongoing member enablement and engagement with specific programs and resources.


  1. ForceDigest: Slack Certified Admin Practice Exam –  Slack Certified Admin Study Guide

  2. Resource Library
  3. Slack for Admins

Prepare for the exam

Here are the key steps and requirements for preparing to take your Slack certification exam:

  1. Identification Requirements:

    • Present a valid government-issued photo ID before starting the exam.
    • Ensure that your ID is not expired and the name on it matches the one used for exam registration.
  2. Exam Preparation:

    • Review the exam guide and prep course materials thoroughly.
    • Put away all study materials before starting the exam.
  3. Technical Set-Up:

    • Conduct necessary system checks in advance.
    • Ensure you have a reliable device with a webcam, microphone, and strong internet connection.
  4. Scheduling the Exam:

    • Schedule your exam at least one week in advance to avoid additional fees. Minimum scheduling time is more than 24 hours ahead.
  5. Technical Requirements Compliance:

    • Be sure to read and comply with all technical requirements listed on Examity’s test-taker FAQs page.

Candidate Agreement

By enrolling in the exam, you agree to the following rules. Non-compliance will result in your exam being flagged for review:

During the Exam:

    • Place your mobile phone on silent and keep it out of reach, along with other personal items.
    • Stay within the camera view throughout the exam.
    • Be aware that product and content updates may occur during your exam preparation. Check slackcertified.com for any updates.

      Prohibited Actions:

      • No use of personal items, including electronic devices, writing tools, or notes, during the exam.
      • Do not leave or allow anyone else to enter the camera view during the exam.
      • Avoid sharing, discussing, or capturing any part of the exam questions or content.
      • Do not impersonate or take the exam for someone else.

        Consequences for Violating the Agreement:

        • If suspected of misconduct or compromising the exam’s integrity, your exam may be terminated, and your results or certification status could be revoked.

Exam retake policy

Here’s an overview of the policy for retaking the Slack certification exam:

  1. First Retake:

    • Customers who don’t pass on their first try are eligible for one free retake.
    • Additional retakes beyond the free one are priced at 50% of the standard exam fee.
    • Note: Partners with an exam voucher are not eligible for free or discounted retakes.

  2. Waiting Periods:

    • After a failed first attempt, wait 24 hours before registering for a second attempt.
    • After a failed second attempt, wait 14 days before registering for a third attempt.
    • After a failed third attempt (or any subsequent attempt), wait 28 days before registering again.

  3. Retake Window:

    • You have three months to retake the exam once re-enrolled.

Retake Exemptions

If you encounter any of these issues during your exam, contact the Examity team to reschedule:

  • Technical issues.
  • Internet connectivity problems.
  • Hardware or software malfunctions.

Exam Reschedule Policy

  • To avoid late fees, cancel or reschedule your exam at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.
  • If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of the exam, you will be responsible for late fees.

Cancellation Refund Policy

  • Cancel your exam at least two business days before the scheduled date to get a full refund.
  • If you paid for the exam but did not schedule it and wish to request a refund within the exam period, please contact us for a full refund.

Maintain your certification

To maintain your Slack certification(s), you must successfully complete the maintenance module specific to your credential. Slack certifications are valid for 24 months from the date you passed the exam. After 12 months, you will be required to complete one maintenance module per year to maintain certification status. It is your responsibility to keep track of the status of your certifications, and to complete any maintenance prior to the expiration date. Learn more about how to maintain your Slack certifications here



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